MOT Test changes in 2018

MOT changes in 2018

Coming into 2018 a tougher set of MOT test rules have come into place. The change happened on the 20th May 2018. These changes make it harder for your car the get through the annual roadworthiness test set out by the government.

All cars require regular maintenance and service in order to remain road-worthy and remain within the constraints of the law. Our roads are overloaded with cars driving on bald and damaged tires. Our supplier Black Circles provide next day delivery of tyres, then professionally fitted by our expert mechanics.

The Road Traffic Act says it’s a criminal offence to drive a vehicle in a dangerous condition, yet our UK drivers still aren’t very good at maintaining their cars.

The biggest change with the new MOT is the introduction of three new fault categories: minor, major and dangerous. The first of these takes the place of the advisories that have been issued for several years. These are the small problems that could become big ones if you don’t keep an eye on them, such as tyres getting close to the legal limit. If it’s already a big problem it’ll be marked down as a major fault, which means the car fails its MOT.

Beyond this, there’s a third category which in theory would only become an issue on a car that’s been neglected: the dangerous fault. This would be something that requires immediate attention, and just by driving the car away from the test station you would almost certainly be committing a criminal offence, as you’d be driving a car that you know is not in a roadworthy condition.

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