Vehicle Inspection

We can take a look under the hood

If you are looking for a company who offer a competitively priced pre and post purchase car inspection and engineers reports on any age of vehicle which includes classic cars, motorcycle inspection, van inspection by our engineers at short notice 7 days a week then why not give us a call at Ridgewood inspections.

Vehicle Inspection

At Ridgewood vehicle inspections, we offer our customers basic and comprehensive vehicle inspections. Our basic inspection which is for vehicles up to 15 years old excluding 4 x 4’s and written off vehicles, is for customers who are satisfied with the body and interior cosmetics of the vehicle but require full mechanical/electrical and vehicle safety check. This includes a 5 mile road test and a written and verbal report. Prices from £99.00.

Our comprehensive report includes the above and full body and paintwork and interior inspection revealing any previous accident damage. Also included is a 10 mile road test. Prices from £149.99 .

Diagnostic Services

We take care of your vehicle

Diagnostic Services

The primary purpose of car diagnostics systems are to provide our technician with the right information to assist in the fault finding and diagnosing process. The system enables troubleshooting problems with you car mostly a fast and painless process. Car manufacturers make the job a little easier with later model cars with the provision of Standard On-Board Diagnostics (OBDII) computer interface.

At Ridgewood Auto Services, we employ this very equipment in our garage. OBDII can talk to the cars computer system to carry out diagnostics checks without the need for manual intervention. This saves us time and effort and in turn saves you money on expensive fault finding costs.


Car Diagnostics in Matlock

Performance Upgrades

We can fine-tune your car

At Ridgewood Auto our expertise allows us to offer performance upgrades to most makes and models of vehicles. A typical upgrade would be conducted in stages however each upgrade is created specifically for your vehicle depending on you and your car’s needs. The type of modifications in performance upgrades which Ridgewood can offer include:

  • – less restrictive exhaust system
  • – uprated induction kit or panel filter
  • – uprated intercooler
  • – uprated turbo charger or super charger
  • – engine transplant
  • – camshafts – fast road or full race
  • – boost controllers
  • – uprated ECU’s or remaps
  • – fuel pump, pressure regulators and uprated injectors
  • – water injection and nitrous injection
  • – uprated injection systems
  • – uprated transmission and braking systems
  • – full engine rebuilds
  • – head porting and polishing
  • – dump valves
  • – gauges
  • – bolt on engine performance upgrades
  • – mild to wild camshafts
  • – increase capacity turbos
  • – uprated suspension
  • MOT & Auto Services in Matlock Pricing

    Here you can see what we have to offer and what you'll pay for it
    MOT TEST £44.85
    4X4 & COMMERCIAL £92.00 + PARTS + VAT
    LABOUR  £44.00 PER HOURS + VAT
    DIAGNOSTIC £35.00 + VAT